How to Add Wordle Style Flash Label Cloud (FatColud) Widget For Blogger / Blogspot

Hi! Firstly, I wishing You a very Happy New Year. Yes,a new blogger widget in front of you. Have you seen Wordle word Cloud?
This widget is similar to Wordle word cloud called as FatCloud. With this widget You can show your labels as wordle word cloud in Different formats. This Widget is Flash based and it Generates Label Cloud(FatCloud) automatically. It includes Different types of Fonts, Differenttypes of text Angle and Color Schemes with Custom design also, so that you can Design your Label Cloud differently I include all options in this widget. See a screen-shot bellow

More screen shots for You
Screen Shot 1, Screen shot 2, Screen Shot 3, Screen Shot 4, Screen Shot 5, Screen Shot 6, Screen Shot 7

How to Add This Widget to Blogger?

Note: Backup Your Full Template First!
  1. Login to Blogger Account
  2. Go to Design > Edit Html
  3. Search for Bellow Code of Section (Without checking of Expand Widgets Checkbox)
<b:section class='sidebar' id='sidebar' preferred='yes'>

Note: Above code is not visible in all templates because of change in Class or Id. For suppose If a template having two sidebars of Right and Left, then Class or Id is changed to sidebar-left ,sidebar-right, sidebar-wrapper-left and like so…

So please make sure before Searching above code

And Finally add Generated Widget Code just After it And Save your template

Generate Widget


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  1. says

    This is taking too long to load and slowing down my blog – I may lose readers… I do love the widget but may have to delete…

  2. says

    Dear Harish,
    I have managed to integrate your label cloud on and I like it very much though there is delay in loading the site. I have cut down on a lot of other things to compensate for the stunning effect and usability of the widget. Currently I have excluded it from heavy pages.
    I would however like to get this as a FLOATING feature like others on the edge of the window so that it is always visible. However, blogger always comes back with an error message I am violating the template design as the widgets need to remain within a SECTION ans SECTION only belong to Side Bar. Is there any way you can help as a VISIBLE label cloud will beat all other Navigation.

  3. says

    Hello Harish,
    Wonder if you could help. I have managed to get your cloud on the edge of the window as I wanted but can’t get he swf object to form. In fact it is forming but the attributes are going in to another Label cloud I had previously installed. Probably the call and reference to the fatcloud object from your script FC_Blogger_Way2blogging.js which I have included in the HTML.for speed. I tried to change the id of the object in the calling script like below which stopped the script attributing the new qualities to the FIRST object but not forming the new object though the label cloud is forming correctly as you can see.

    fatCloud.SWF = "";
    var way2blogginglabelcloud_fatcloud = new FatCloud("way2blogging_N_label_cloud", "Wordle");
    way2blogginglabelcloud_fatcloud.options = {"textAngle": "Vertical","sizeRatio": "12","colorScheme": "Dessert","fgColor": "#868A08","mgColor": "#7401DF","sColor": "#F5F6CE","bgColor": "#FFFFFF","font": "Report","randomFont": "yes"};
    fatCloud.fontList = ["Expressway", "Meloche", "Museo", "Negotiate", "Report"];
    way2blogginglabelcloud_fatcloud.noXML = true;
    way2blogginglabelcloud_fatcloud.saveSkinCacheURL = "/";
    document.getElementById("way2blogging_N_label_cloud").style.visibility = "hidden";

    I shall appreciate your help

    Sreedhar Pillai

  4. says

    Hi Harish,
    Many thanks for all the help, I have followed your advice and created a new Label object and set its style to place it on the edge of the window as I wanted. I have also learned to place a sliding AdSense banner on top which I always wanted to do but didn’t know how.on my blog
    Everything works fine, thanks again for your help.