Add Animated Flying Twitter Bird Widget to Blogger Blogs (Updated)

Flying Twitter Bird widgets for blogger, in my previous post i give this awesome widget and i am getting spectacular response from you. previously, the twitter bird has two types based on tweet text.

one is unique tweet text that you choose like “Blogger Widgets and Tricks –” for all pages

and Second one is tweet text contains post title and post url, just like “How To Add Animated Flying Twitter Bird Widget For Blogger / Blogspot –

Now i am giving another type, that is tweet text contains Current page title and Url, and is visible in all pages of your blog, for suppose you are in label page then the tweet text contains Label Name and URL

How to Install?

is Very Simple! just follow these steps…

  1. Change Your Twitter Account User Name.
  2. Copy The Bellow Widget Code.
  3. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML .
  4. Search For </body> tag and Place Widget Code Just Before it.
  5. Save your template.

Your Twitter Account User Name* :
<!-- Twitter Bird Widget for Blogger by -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="">
<script type="text/javascript">
var twitterAccount = "way2blogging";
var tweetThisText = " <data:blog.pageTitle/> : <data:blog.url/> ";
<span style="font-size:11px;position:absolute;"><a title='Blogger Widget by Way2blogging.Org' href="/index.html" target='_blank'>Blogger Widgets</a></span>
<!-- Twitter Bird Widget for Blogger by -->

That’s All!

Follow me on Twitter and hope you Enjoyed :)


  1. Hariprasanth says

    Awesome bro.. I am adding it to my site.. It worked flawlessley

  2. சிங்கக்குட்டி says

    Hi, when i try i am getting the bird on only my home page not on all the blog post page?

    How can i fix it?


  3. சிங்கக்குட்டி says

    I like to have this bird on my home page and all post post pages.

    How can I do it? can you post or mail me the code to have twitter bird on home+all post pages?

    Thank you.

  4. Iccee says

    Cool, thanks. This thing is awesome.

    See it in action on my blog… Follow and I'll follow back.

  5. Samz says

    Thanks……Really Cool widget…I have also added it on my site

  6. raminjpr says

    really its a cute button….i love it…and added to my blog…its so cute….:) hats off to the creator…:) and great share from u….harish….:) keep it up…:)

  7. Just Some Random Person says

    This is awesome Harish. Thanks, once again. I've used so many things from your site and I'm bookmarking you. The bird is a cutie. Now I just hope for the label cloud to work and for you to see my comment regarding the read more issue.

  8. Raviraj L Hegde says

    this is awesome… i just added to ma blog

  9. Fantastic Virus says

    Cool stuffs…

    Do drop by my site:
    Allergic To No Awesome Music

  10. Lisa Cash Hanson says

    I just want you to know that your Twitter Bird is a little star LOL I have several mom bloggers asking me where I got it. So your bird is getting his own post on my site and I'll redirect them to your widget :) This bird is my favorite thing on my blog LOL I'm not sure if that is good or just makes me weird but I love when he lands on things.

  11. Lisa Cash Hanson says

    Again I just had someone ask me about it I've probably sent like 10 people to get this bird LOL ( I know that 's not a ton but I find it amusing. I have to redo the link though because when they tried to find it it didn't work so I'll fix that but your bird is really popular if you could do that with other social media I"m sure people would love it!

      • says

        This a great little widget. Is it possible to parse : : to reflect the “page title : SiteURL”of a HTML (Not Blog/blogger) website? I tried various combinations. I can get a static SiteURL, but not the dynamic page title, Unless I static code the Page title as well (thinking out loud, is that the answer?) :D

  12. says

    thanks for this great bird the problem it only appear on my post pages but not appear on my home page if you can fix it plz do for me if not,ok not a big problem i really like it thank once again