Create and Publish Your Blog Feed with FeedBurner

Feedburner is a free service provided by Google that enables a more smart control over our blogs Rss feed. Some of the main options on feedburner are in dept stats, Subscribe By Email option and you can even publish AdSense ads within the feed. In this Tutorial i show you step by step instructions with Screenshots exactly How to Create a Feedburner feed using your Blogs default Feed and then Redirecting your Default feed to Feedburner Feed.

Initially every blogger blog has a feed address like this.

You may have noticed the above feed for Way2Blogging redirects to a Feedburner URL.

my Feed Burner Url is

How to Create Your Blog Feed with Feedburner?

  • go to Feedburner Site.
  • Login with your Google account Username and Password.
  • In Feedburner Dashboard, put your blog default feed address in “Type your Blog or Feed Address here” field

  • After adding the feed address click Next button like below.

  • it Grabs the Blog Title and Feedburner Address like below.
    Titile will be the same as your Blogs title.
    Feedburner Address grabs from the Domain name and adds a random letters at the end.
    if you using the Blogspot domain name then it will grabs like this (this is E Style Demo Template blog feed)
    For this tutorial i am using the my blog domain name (/index.html)
    so take a look this screen shot, how it grabs the Usernaame!

  • Change the Title and Url What exactly you want.
  • if you choose an existing username, then you will get the Error!

  • so Change the similar feed address that you like, and click Next

  • a message will appear that show’s the feed is created. click Next to Set some Options.

  • Click the Check boxes as below and click Next button.

  • another message will appear that show’s your Feed is Updated.

Redirecting Your Blog default feed to Feedburner feed

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard -> click Settings.

  2. Click the Site Feed tab -> Post Feed Redirect Url
  3. Enter the Feedburner Feed Url in the Input Box and click Save Button to save the settings

Now your Default Blog feed is Redirected to Feedburner Feed URL.


  1. Equinox says

    How Did you Edit The Feedburner?
    Facebook Like Box On Right Side!
    Tweet Bird!
    Scroll to Top!

    Can you Please Tell me how can i have these on my Feeds?

  2. Harish says

    Feedburner is showing my feed in HTML format. (every Feed is in XML format)
    In actual XML feed those are not visible. :)

  3. Muhammad Hassan says

    I Want Feed Burner To Send My Feeds On Weekly Basis So How I Can Do This?