New Facebook Popout Likebox Version 2 for Blogger

Hi, Here is the New Updated Facebook Popout Likebox Gadget of Version 2 for Blogger. This is Updated Release Comes with Highly Customizable options. Many of Readers asking How change the position from right to left, Width and Height. With this Updated version you can customize those options as well as Background Colors and Facebook Badge Color also.

Live Preview

Click here for Live Demo

How to Install Facebook Popout Likebox Version 2 ?

First you need to have a jQuery Plugin in your Blog template.
This Step is Required, If your Blog already have this plugin then Ignore this Step.
If your Blog Don’t have this Plugin, Install the jQuery Plugin.
Add the below line of code before </head> tag.

<script src=""></script>
  1. Click the Widget Generator Button
  2. Customize the Settings as you need
  3. Click on Generate button and add widget to your Blog

Widget Generator

Some Instructions to Newbies

Likebox is for Facebook Pages. Some New Bloggers are using Their Profile Url and try to Installing the Facebook Likebox. But it gives Error!!.

For Example, Way2Blogging’s FB page is and you should see the Like Button in this Facebook Page.

where as in Facebook profile you should see the +1 Add Friend button.
That is the small Difference you can identify in the FB Page. Good Luck!

Leave your Comments. :)


  1. says

    Hi Harish, it’s not working on my blog…well actually it’s kind of working. The facebook badge is transparent so you can’t tell the widget is there. I left it in the bottom position on my blog so you can test it out. The FB badge color is the default that was in the widget generator.

    Any ideas?

  2. Surabhi says

    Hi Harish,

    Thanks for such beautiful and easy widgets. I am trying this widget on my blog but it comes in white color and thus not visible on my blog. How can I change the color of the word ‘facebook’ that pops out on the blog.

    Plz let me know.

  3. says

    good bro. but my widget display only “Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.” help me pls… why..

  4. says

    Hi, how can I make to open on click? And if possible is there a way to make the image to change when opened and closed? Thanks Harish!

  5. says

    hi. you have great post… i hav learned a lot from u.. i hope you can visit my blog and i wish i received suggestions from you to improve my blog… tnx…

  6. says

    Sir i added the facebook like box in my site But it added me another facebook pop out like box called (My name is). Please help me get rid out of it. Thanks..

    • says

      You added the Both Old and Latest versions of Facebook like box.
      So remove both Widgets and install the latest widget.

  7. says

    Harish I did exactly as you instructed , but I am not able to get any jquery widget to work on my blog. PLEASE HELP ME OUT !

  8. says

    Sir can you please tell me how can change my default blogger comment box to come slandered one like the ones installed in your site ?

  9. says

    Hai harish sir,

    when i apply this to my blog,the photo slider of my blog will stoped wrking plz guide and sugest me :-(

  10. Raghu says

    Hai harish sir,
    when i use this my blogger i mage slider will stoped…. plz help and suggest me :-(

  11. Anchit says


    your plugin is really awesome. :)
    i am using your plugin at my website.
    recently i used my W3 total cache plugin and after that facebook popup is not showing on my homepage. for the same i enter your plugin file in ignore list but it’s not woring. can you help me out how to out facebook pop from w3 total or which king of setting required.


    • says

      it is not the W3 Total cache problem. first clear the Page Cache. and check the footer.php file does it contains wp_footer(); hook or not.

  12. says

    in my facebook widget : “Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.”
    what’s wrong? thanks..

  13. says

    I will like if you share widget of twitter, fb, rss and pinterest in a group in this manner. and also i will request you to share with us a widget that can popup in centre of the website. mean when we open a site first facebook box appears then we close that and site opens. if this widget is in this website please share link of that post. Thanks.

  14. says

    I am frequent visitors of your website.I am trying to build a website and your website help me a lot.thank you

    Every thing is got all right but i problem is occured in facebook like box.
    problem is that only when I signin with facebook then I can see photos of people who like us….
    But when I donot signin with facebook then I cannot see photos of people who like us….
    Problem is that I cannot get static like box with avatars of peoples..

    Sir,Please send a solution of this problem…Problem occurs in my website
    YOU can see it…..